Before WSDMCLUB it was W.is.D.O.M.

10 summers ago, my homie Paul Santiago introduced fixed gear cycling to Elixir Garcia and I. At the time, we were attending St. Patrick's High School (shoutout Celtics), but usually had our minds outside of class. Paul was curating beats, Elie was snapping photos, and I was chopping hair. Although we had different creative outlets, riding our fixies was something we enjoyed together.

Young, hype, and always exaggerating ideas, one popped into our heads: W.is.D.O.M., which stands for “what is done open minded." At the time it was just an idea and the name of our fixed gear crew. Our fixed gear bikes symbolized our freedom, a world with no rules and no brakes. It represented our youth.

10 years later, we pay homage to that moment that sparked the beginning of a movement, a culture. The "Fixie" Tee will always remind us where we came from and how we got here. We're grateful for this journey and we encourage you guys to go on your own. Go for a ride. Revisit your youth.

Come get yours at the shop for $35. Thanks again for the support.