Like Drake said, "it's a marathon not a sprint, but [we] still gotta win the race." Working late nights and early mornings to strive to meet a common goal is what makes us who we are. WSDMCLUB is known to many as a barbershop but to few, a lifestyle and a culture. Our objective is to share our knowledge and experience with you through this blog.

Culture emerges from, and adapts to, the environment. That being said, our culture stems from the barbershop. More importantly, the barbershop serves as a platform that allows us to express how we really feel, giving us the freedom to speak our minds and share our stories. So our first post is dedicated to the “shop.” Here’s a little story about the shop’s humble beginnings.

At the age of 9, Marvin was exposed to the art of barbering. "I used to always watch Mario cut his friends' hair at our house." He was immersed into creativity and art at a young age, growing up with 3 older artistic siblings. Forward to freshman year, he began cutting his friends’ hair in the changerooms at school, their front lawns - everywhere. He improved his technique and developed this raw, “grind-don't-stop” mentality and soon he was cutting majority of the guys in school. He took people at home in the foyer of his house on 47th ave, which eventually became the epitome of the barbershop. "I remember my mom always asking me who was at the crib because I started cutting people she has never seen before." Word got around and the shop was buzzin. Then the shop transitioned into the living room with the help of pops, of course.

As the clientele grew, so did the challenges and responsibilities. Sacrifices were made to support family and reality sunk in. "I asked myself if I still wanted to do this, if I should take a break.. for a long time." At the end of the day it was the knowledge, experience and persistence he gained from his close friends as well as everyone who sat in his chair to realize that this was what he wanted. This was the exact motivation to get back to the grind.

The shop quickly moved from one room of the house to another. Quick fixtures over here and there. Pops took notice of the space and created an environment for Marvin to be creative so that others could experience what he envisioned with the shop - what he wanted WSDMCLUB to be. Walls came down, floors changed, couches in, and art hung up, the shop finally felt like a place where people came to get fresh and be able to share their stories and express their opinions - shop talk. The WSDMCLUB dream was felt through these moments. More and more people came to notice this forcing the shop (and Marvin) to grow even bigger. Another checkmark down the journey, Marvin shut down the shop after 6 years at the crib and started looking for a lease for a new creative space..