Culturally inspired: There seems to be a commonality when visiting another city, LA in particular. The team paid visits to an all-star line up week that featured so much more than In-and-Out double doubles (the burger not the stat line) and walks on Rodeo Drive. From the All-Star festivities, to all the Nike and Jordan activation events, to getting a cut from the homie Julius Caesar, and to visiting Victory’s new office. I’ve visited LA a handful of times but have realized, especially after this vacation, that LA is a microcosm of what the shop is envisioned to be, or actually the other way around. It’s collaboration, people support, and the notion of “you dream, we dream” was really felt this past weekend and really inspired to push the boundaries of the shop further. I’m always trying to learn, but equally trying to help others do as well and I hope the shop is a prime example of what that “pay it forward” mentality is.

Shoutouts to Nike, Victory, and the homie Julius Caesar for inviting us to come out.