If you've never heard of Save On Radio, y'all need to check it out. It's a radio station based out of Vancouver Lower East Side's, Save On Meats diner and butcher shop. It features personalities from DJ Flipout, The Freshest crew and of course our homies from Rolling Dic3, to name a few.

Save On Radio is a community station that was built to serve as a platform for locals "to really, truly be themselves." Founded by one of Vancouver's major entrepreneurs, Mark Brand, and Jay Swing, who you might've remembered from Vancouver's late 2002 urban radio station -- The Beat 94.5.


"I personally wanted to start doing this radio show because I've always wanted a platform to share my taste is music, certain topics, and to help others get their voice heard. I wanted to interview Marvin first because we grew up together and sparked the idea of WSDMCLUB along with our homie Paul Santiago, and it's crazy to see what it's become. But how that came about is another blogpost on its own. My girlfriend actually gave the name 'Rolling Dic3'; It worked because we were literally rolling the dice on this with no radio experience. I also liked the name cause I didn't only want to play rap or R&B but all types of genres. When you 'roll the dice' the odds are always different if you catch my drift." - Elixir Garcia

Rolling Dic3 consists of Elixir, Aj, and Zel. Check out some photos and the audio clip of the interview below. Looking forward to what these guys have in store. Catch them at Save On Radio every first and last Friday of the month. Or click the link for more from rollingdic3.