You know the artists you say you messed with before they blew up? That’s how we feel with Kendrick Lamar.

It's 2013 at Summer Jam and we’re watching him perform songs from Section.80 in front of a crowd that barely knew the words. Fast forward to 2018 and he's selling out stadiums, producing the soundtrack of one of the biggest movies ever; Black Panther, and had just won a Pulitzer Prize for DAMN. Witnessing the growth has been incredibly fun to watch.

But his success has always been a shared victory. From Jay Rock and Q's hard LA style, Ab-Soul's witty intellect, combined with SZA's elegance, the stage is set.

So, in honor of The Championship Tour, which starts here in Vancouver, we curated a mix to get y’all hype. We present to you “TDE: Home Opener”, mixed by Jace Rivera. Part of the Ulterior Motif crew, you can catch Jace spinning once a month at The Good Spot at Fortune Sound Club. As well as Good Life Sunday at Republic.

Download link available below.